Most Popular Ice Cream Flavors in the World

Most Popular Ice Cream Flavors in the World

Ice cream is a sweetened frozen food that is eaten as a dessert or snack. It is made from dairy products and combined with fruits or other ingredients and flavors. Ice creams have different flavoring depending on the ingredients used. There are those flavors that are liked by billions of people and those liked by a specific group of people. Here is a list of the top five most popular ice cream flavors in the world.

  1. Vanilla

Vanilla is the ultimate flavor of ice cream. Vanilla has a basic flavor everyone is always in the mood for. Vanilla is creamy and delicious. It is also claimed to be the original ice cream flavor. It is found everywhere in the world and according to ice cream sellers, it is always on demand and best selling. Vanilla ice creams are made with milk, cream, sugar, and vanilla extract.

  1. Chocolate

Chocolate is the second most acclaimed ice cream flavor. Chocolate ice creams are made with cream, eggs, cocoa powder, vanilla dessert, chocolate alcohol, and sugar. Chocolate alcohol and cocoa powder give it the chocolaty taste. Chocolate ice creams are yummy sweet.

  1. Strawberry

Strawberry comes next after chocolate. Strawberry ice creams are refreshing, summery and sweet. Strawberry ice creams are known to many as the pink frozen yogurt. Strawberry ice cream is made with strawberry pieces alongside cream, eggs, vanilla, and sugar.

  1. Neapolitan

Neapolitan ice creams were initially made in the nineteen century. It has squares of chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla. Having the top three favorite flavors makes it one of the best selling ice creams in the market. It is an all in one ice cream.

The custard base (vanilla ice cream layer) is made with heavy cream, egg yolk, vanilla bean, and sugar.  The chocolate ice cream layer is made with heavy cream, cocoa powder, chocolate chips, and sugar.   The strawberry ice cream layer is made with red food coloring, sugar, and strawberry.   Neopolitan is also loved of its artistic look and appearance of the patterns.

  1. Chocolate Chip

Chocolate Chip is also one of the best selling ice creams. Its popularity is due to its sweet and fragrant flavor that is infused by vanilla bean. It has chocolate pieces that make it an alternative to the chocolate ice creams for chocolate lovers. It is made with heavy cream, egg yolk, granulated sugar, salt, vegetable oil, vanilla bean paste, bittersweet chocolate (semisweet chocolate) and corn syrup.

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